Frequently Asked Questions for Coordinators

Below are Frequently Asked Questions about Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT) specific for departmental coordinators: please click on each question to see its answer.
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Does my department have to administer SPOT?
When will the SPOT be administered?
Why does an evaluation survey need to be set up for the courses in the department?
How will I know which forms to choose when setting up course evaluations for my department?
When do I need to know the form the faculty or department has chosen?
How should I organize which form is being used by specific instructors?
How do I create the surveys for my department?
What do I do if the instructor's name is incorrect for a course?
How do faculty access the evaluation survey?
How can I view survey summary reports for the department?
Can faculty choose to use a paper form instead of the online survey?
How much will it cost for my department to administer SPOT in a paper/pencil format?
My department has specific questions they have been using for years that we would like to use for comparison data, how do we add these?