Frequently Asked Questions for Dean/Chair

Below are Frequently Asked Questions about Student Perceptions of Teaching (SPOT) specific for Deans and Department Chairs: please click on each question to see its answer.
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Does my department have to administer SPOT?
When will the SPOT be administered?
How do I choose the appropriate form for my course?
When do I need to decide what form I am using?
How do I know if an evaluation was set up for my course?
Why was an evaluation survey set up for my course?
How can I preview the evaluation survey?
Can instructors in my department add their own instructor questions to the survey after it is created?
When instructors add a question to their survey, will the chair see the results?
How do students access the evaluation survey?
Will students access the SPOT on their MyUNT portal?
How can I tell how many students have completed the evaluation?
Will I be able to see the names of students who have completed the survey?
A student has dropped out of my class, will they still be able to complete the survey?
May I have student comments removed from my evaluation?
How can I view survey summary reports?
If I am asked to submit student evaluations for teaching performance, will I need to include SPOT results?
Can departments use a paper form instead of the online survey?
My department is using the paper/pencil survey, will I be able to see student comments?
How do I interpret the reports?
How much will it cost for my department to administer SPOT in paper/pencil format?
My department has specific questions they have been using for years that we would like to use for comparison data, how do we add these?